DNA and the planet Earth…

Two things every human, every animal,

every plant and every organism share.

At ReGen Future Capital,

we have a commitment to reconnect and restore

nature’s damaged ecosystems

Generating positive returns for ALL our stakeholders.

ReGen Future Capital, through investments in Renewable Energy, Forestation, Soil Regeneration, and plastic removal, will develop and bring to the market innovative Carbon Credit programs. This structural redevelopment will redefine the relationship between environmental development and investment.


Leveraging expertise of Amplio Group to achieve a Global development effort in wind & solar energy to reach in excess of 10 GW Globally between South America, Europe & Asia

At the core of any serious effort towards environmental global change, there have to be systems that deal with our current CO2 levels. Through the use of ReGen Loops, we have created a new system that is both innovative and financially sound

Aiming to invest 5+ billion USD in Amazonian reforestation programs using cash flows derived from our renewable energy plants over a 20 year lifecycle

Through the use of new scientific systems, we will enable the regeneration of our soil to improve farming and our ability to feed a growing world population.

American soil regeneration – Beta testing Q4 2019 – Full launch Q1 2020 – Aiming to invest 100 Million USD H1 2020

Roll out of cutting edge technologies to produce clean fuel using single use ‘non-recyclable’ plastic – exploring solutions for the Great Pacific Plastic Patch